J.D. Hayworth Draws Support of Phoenix Police Union, but McCain Gets Nod of Past PLEA Presidents

Former Congressman J.D. Hayworth picked up an endorsement today that wasn't Joe Arpaio or Minutemen co-founder Chris Simcox.

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association announced today that it would support Hayworth in his bid to try to unseat Senator John McCain in the Republican Senate primary.

Hayworth cites similar stances between himself and police on immigration issues as the reason for the endorsement.

"Illegal immigration is a flashpoint in the city of Phoenix -- which sadly seems to take on so many aspects of a sanctuary city-- and really stands in the way of these law enforcement professionals doing their job," Hayworth tells KTAR this morning.

McCain isn't coming away from the police union empty handed, though. Two past PLEA presidents and six board members have come out swinging for McCain.

Jake Jacobsen and Terry Sills, both former presidents of PLEA, issued a joint-statement in support of McCain.

"Senator McCain helped lead the fight to secure the critically important radio band frequencies for law enforcement when others were lobbying to sell them to for-profit companies. It was Senator McCain who helped secure legislation to prevent Internet access to personal information of those in public safety. Many police officers are veterans and Senator McCain has worked diligently to improve benefits and services for those who not only served our country in the military but now protect their fellow citizens in law enforcement," Jacobsen and Sills say in the statement.

So far, McCain leads the endorsement count after getting the support of 31 Arizona mayors, several members of Congress, and two former Arizona governors.

Until the police union gave him a shout out today, Hayworth's only notable endorsements had come from Arpaio and Simcox. Throw Senator Russell Pearce into that mix and you got yourself a regular-human rights dream team.