David Schweikert: Driven Into Politics Because of Arizona Heat?

David Schweikert back in the day

​David Schweikert might just have stumbled into politics because it was "too hot outside."

That's the story that Lois Fitch just told New Times at Schweikert's campaign headquarters in Scottsdale.

Fitch, a former American History teacher at Saguaro High School, started the Teenage Republican Club there about 30 years ago.

Schweikert, a junior at the time, was walking a friend to a club meeting.

"He just stayed in the doorway and wouldn't leave," Fitch said. "We wanted to start the meeting, so I said, 'Either come in, or leave.' It was too hot outside, so he decided to come in. And that was the beginning of his political career."

Schweikert, a Republican, is running against Congressman Harry Mitchell in Congressional District 5.

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