Hot Links: Obama poised for big win, Circuit City to unplug in Valley, Finance problems lead to 911 calls being placed on hold

By Ray Stern

The Washington Post reports a big lead for Obama as candidates swing punches at each other in the home stretch. Baseball legend Joe Garagiola opens a learning center in Bapchule. The bad economy is driving electronic store chain Circuit City from the Valley. Speaking of bad economy, the Republic has stories today about how money shortages are hurting 911 operations, causing schools to rethink nurse positions and making layoffs imminent at the University of Arizona. Meanwhile, the East Valley Tribune reports that the city of Tempe will cut only positions, not jobs. Looks like everyone will have to sharpen their multi-tasking skills.

Democrats retaining large lead as election deadline looms.

Candidates go negative in final hours.

Baseball legend Joe Garagiola builds learning center in Bapchule

Circuit City to close doors in Phoenix and other cities

Money problems lead to 911 calls being put on hold.

More schools may cut nurses.

University of Arizona facing permanent job cuts.

City of Tempe to cut job positions