How Hot Is "Too Damn Hot" in Phoenix?

In case you've forgotten over the last few months, Phoenix gets pretty damn hot.

After temperatures hit as high as 110 degrees late last week, as recorded at Sky Harbor International Airport, we want to know how hot is "too damn hot."

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It's Already Hit 100 Degrees in Phoenix

It hit 100 degrees for the first time this year on April 28, which would seem pretty damn hot -- to the rest of the country.

Now it's 110 degrees, and weather reports forecast a high between 105 and 110 for the foreseeable future, which makes things like black leather car interiors an inconvenience.

The all-time high was on June 26, 1990, when the front page of the East Valley Tribune read, "Valley hits record 122; 3 die."

Arguably, "too damn hot" is somewhere between 100 and 122, but let's take a vote on it: how hot is "too damn hot"?

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