Some Other Guy Tried to Buy the Phoenix Coyotes and Already Failed

At least this Darin Pastor guy didn't get anybody's hopes up.

Pastor, the latest person to announce that he's buying the orphaned Phoenix Coyotes, is the latest person to fail at buying the Phoenix Coyotes, just like every other potential buyer over the last 3 1/2 years.

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There is another potential buyer right now, Renaissance Sports and Entertainment -- which includes one of the guys from the previous potential buyers known as "Ice Edge" -- but Pastor, who just a couple months ago announced his intention to buy the Coyotes, appears to be out of it.

Several media outlets are quoting NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly on the matter, including ESPN, which reported that Daly said Pastor's bid didn't "warrant serious consideration."

To Pastor's credit, his bid was a lot less dramatic than Jamison's.

In May of last year, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman came to Glendale, and held a press conference right before a playoff game to announce they'd found a buyer for the league-owned team.

A few months later, Jamison missed the deadline to sign the arena-management deal with the City of Glendale, apparently because he was short on the money he swore he'd have for this whole deal.

Jamison was just the last in a long list of disappointments, people who Valley hockey fans thought would be the messiahs with the moolah to keep their beloved team in Glendale.

The NHL has insisted that it wants to find a buyer who will keep the team in Arizona, so we'll still have to wait and see how much patience they have for that.

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