Occupy Phoenix's "Pre-Occupation March": No Arrests, No Mayhem, No Cause

The "pre-occupation" of downtown Phoenix kicked off tonight with a march from the downtown Civic Space to Caesar Chavez Plaza -- and it apparently was pretty lame.

Phoenix Police Department Sergeant Trent Crump tells New Times there were no arrests, no mayhem, and nothing that will do anything to promote any sort of social change. Just a bunch of pissed-off protesters carrying signs -- and carrying on.

"The demonstration today was very peaceful," Crump says. "They marched to the variety of locations in the downtown area and were dispersed by 6 p.m. We had no arrest or problem to report."

As peaceful as tonight's "pre-occupation" may have been, the organizers insisted, "THIS IS NOT THE OCCUPATION."

Rather, tonight's march was the "pre-occupation."

The actual "occupation" will go down tomorrow. Thousands of protesters are expected to camp out on the streets of Phoenix, where they plan to ask "what will be our demands."

Before staging a giant protest, it might be wise to consider what it is you're hoping to accomplish, rather than just wingin' it.

Regardless, we'll be there tomorrow to find out what the occupiers' demands are. Check back to Valley Fever for details.