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Tom Horne's GOP Rival Mark Brnovich's Not-So-Veiled Video Swipe at the AG

Just in time for a settlement conference today at the offices of Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, where Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne hopes to put an end to the campaign-finance case against him, Horne's rival for the GOP nomination, Mark Brnovich, has released this YouTube video, portraying Brnovich as a hardcore family man with, like, values and stuff.

You know, as opposed to Horne, who put his alleged mistress on the state payroll to the tune of $108,000.

Brnovich with wife Susan and the kids...

Speaking of his role as a dad to their two young daughters is Brnovich's wife, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Susan Brnovich. She calls her hubby "a good father" who spends time with their kids and instructs them on the "life lesson" du jour.

Brnovich himself notes the importance of having a "value system," one of the reasons he says his family tries "to go to church every Sunday."

The former Gaming Department Director explains that it's important to teach children to "know that even when no one's watching, it's still important to do the right thing."

Such as leaving a note when you hit a parked car, even if the FBI is nowhere to be seen.

The video is titled "Live Your Values, Do the Right Thing," and was mass e-mailed today.

Text accompanying the video takes a shot at the AG:

I sincerely thank you for the continued support I am receiving from across the state as I work to become Arizona's next Attorney General.

As you know, I am running against an incumbent Attorney General that has been plagued with scandal after scandal. It will take help from Arizonans like you to help me win in August and be afforded the opportunity to run in the General Election in November.

Arizona's Attorney General should be able to work with law enforcement, not have their personal lawyer on speed dial.


Campaign spokesman Ryan Anderson said the video is meant to introduce folks to Brnovich's family, though there is another message.

"We don't have to say it [in the video], but there clearly is a contrast in this race," Anderson told me. "Mark Brnovich may not be the sitting Attorney General, but he is far more qualified than Tom Horne, even when it comes to résumé experience.

"But on the personal side, there's a clear contrast there, too."

I know my liberal pals, who support Democrat Felecia Rotellini, will be critical of Brnovich's work for the Goldwater Institute and the public prisons' giant Corrections Corporation of America.

Worry about that if Brnovich takes out Horne in the primary. Those ties are non-issues to GOPers, for the most part.

To tell you the truth, I don't care who extracts the Horne tumor from Arizona's body politic this year. It's time for that sleaze to go. The sooner the better.

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