Tiger Woods Flew to Scottsdale After Friday's Mea Culpa, Gossip Rag Claims

During Tiger Woods' robotic apology Friday, he claimed he was heading back to rehab to try to kick his poon addiction. If "sources close to the situation" -- who spill their guts to a gossip Web site -- are correct, Tiger may be doing so in Scottsdale.

According to the celebrity gossip rag RadarOnline.com, after his quasi-press conference on Friday, Tiger Woods jumped on a private jet to Scottsdale.

The site reports that Tiger's wife, Elin, joined him when he left Orlando early Saturday as he headed to the Grand Canyon State for what is expected to be a week-long trip.

So, what is Tiger supposedly doing in Arizona this time? Nobody seems to know for sure, but we have a few guesses -- assuming he's actually here.

Before checking into a sex-rehab clinic in Mississippi, there had been reports that Tiger would be going to the Meadows rehab center in Wickenburg for treatment.

The Meadows has hosted other celebrity sex-fiends like David Duchovny and Halle Berry's former flame, Eric Benet.

Tiger, who on Friday said he would be continuing his "treatment," may be doing so at the Meadows.

Another theory is that the Waste Management Open is this weekend in Scottsdale -- perhaps Tiger wants to roll an orange across the green as some of his critical colleagues are putting, as was done to him in 2001, before the tournament was named after a dumpster.

And yet another theory is that Tiger is heading to Scottsdale to begin his "return to fucking," as The Onion satirically announced on Friday.

One of the many Valley-based Tiger rumors was that while nailing two chicks in a Phoenix hotel room, one of the women took out the camera on her cell phone and began recording the golf great and the other woman. The incident is rumored to have ended with a naked chase around the hotel, an injury to one of the women, and some hush money from Tiger.

All of the Tiger Woods' Valley-sexcipades have either proven false, or there has been no evidence that any have been true. Until we see Tiger walkin' the streets of Old Town, we're chalking this one up to just another heap from the rumor mill.