Mark Mitchell Elected Mayor of Tempe

Mark Mitchell's going to be the new Tempe mayor.

According to the unofficial results, Mitchell beat Michael Monti by 139 votes, and the City of Tempe put out an announcement declaring Mitchell as the winner.

Election officials still haven't finished counting write-in votes or the three votes cast by people who didn't bring ID to the polls, but neither of those is enough to change the outcome or force a recount.

Mitchell garnered 11,351 votes, and Monti scored 11,212.

Monti was leading by 222 the night of the election, although that total didn't include early ballots dropped off at the polls or the provisional ballots.

Some people got a little ahead of themselves and declared that Monti had won (ahem), but as one of our readers pointed out in the comments section of our post on the early results, Monti also led Mitchell the night of the primary election.

After counting the early and provisional ballots, Mitchell went up by 277.

As for the two other votes, Kolby Granville beat out Dick Foreman for the open council seat -- as expected after the initial voting results were released -- and voters approved Proposition 439 to get rid of the primary election if there are only two people running for a city elected office.

Turnout was a little less than 27 percent for this election, so if any of the 62,428 registered Tempe voters who didn't vote are upset Monti didn't win, that one's on you.

The final results are expected to be released Friday evening, and they'll be official after being approved by the city council.