Phoenix Area Faces Threat of More Rain, Flooding

More rain is expected to hit Arizona this week, bringing with it the possibility of more flooding in the Phoenix area.

National Weather Service meteorologist Gary Woodall tells New Times a flash-flood watch will be in effect from tomorrow morning through Thursday afternoon, although there are indications that Phoenix won't be the hardest-hit by the latest storms.

"Right now, it looks like the biggest threat for widespread heavy rain is going to be over southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico," Woodall says. "Now, that doesn't mean we can let our guard down [around Phoenix] . . . We could still have a chance for heavy rain and a flooding threat here in the Valley as well."

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Woodall adds that the storm in the Baja California area known as Hurricane Odile, which has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, is what has "set the stage" for rainfall in the southwestern United States.

The following video from the NWS has more information on the storm:

This storm is of particular concern since Phoenix was just hit by record rain last week, which caused widespread flooding problems, including major water damage to homes, and cars partially submerged on Interstate 10, among other things.

Due to that storm, and the possibility of more flooding this week, the Phoenix Fire Department and city leaders hosted an event yesterday to show homeowners how to protect their homes from flooding.

Phoenix Fire Captain Mark Vanacore says most of the information centered on the proper use of sand bags to protect homes. Certain Phoenix Fire stations have sand and sandbags available for residents (specific locations are on the city's website), although there are some shortages of bags.

"We are running out as fast as we can stock them," Vanacore says.

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