"Birther" Nut Jerome Corsi Mingling With the Republican Socialites in Scottsdale

If you're unfamiliar with "Politics on the Rocks," it's a pretty simple concept -- younger folks to the right of the political spectrum gather monthly to have some drinks and hang out with politicos.

Sometimes it's headlined by establishment right-wingers, like J.D. Hayworth, but they've also featured the more off-the-wall types to make things entertaining, like libertarian-minded Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico.

Hell, the event was even a New Times "Best of" winner in 2010.

Tonight, however, conspiracy-theory nut and Sheriff Joe Arpaio comrade Jerome Corsi will be in attendance, as confirmed by Barry Goldwater Jr.

That's kind of awkward, seeing as tonight's event is somewhat of a re-election event for Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane.

This month's event is being hosted at a house in Scottsdale, where Lane's having a private fundraiser beforehand for his re-election -- in which the mayor's barely being contested as of yet.

Lane's also the headliner to the free Politics on the Rocks event after that, in which "donations to the mayor are welcome."

The announcement that a guy in attendance who believes the President of the United States is from Africa, which he claims is verified by a mailman who met the mother of Bill Ayers, and is pulling the strings on Arpaio's "investigation" into the matter, probably isn't what Lane had in mind.

Also announced to be in attendance with Corsi and Lane are Paradise Valley Councilman/Congressional candidate Vernon Parker, as well as state Representatives Michelle Ugenti and John Kavanagh.

We get it -- pretty much anyone's welcome to show up, and the event isn't about Corsi.

But to announce the attendance of Corsi, who's one of the country's most noted conspiracy theorists, is probably not what the guy who spends his time dealing with bond issues and litter ordinances in America's "Most Livable City" had in mind.

We've spotted Corsi around a few times since he helped Arpaio deliver the "birther" message at the sheriff's March 1 press conference, including just this week at the old capitol, where state Representative Carl Seel was pimping out his "birther" bill.

And he'll be available tonight, as you can load up on scotch and discuss that bogus moon landing, or how the government's lying about 9/11.