Trent Franks: Trying to Stop "Greatest Genocide in World History" or Just Obsessed With Abortion?

Forget everything you learned about the Holocaust, kids, because Congressman Trent Franks is contemplating whether abortion is actually the "greatest genocide in world history."

There's a reason we have a category of stories called "Trent Franks (Sigh)" and it's for stuff like this -- or when he said black people were better off under slavery.

The congressman earned a victory this week as his bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks in Washington D.C. -- yes, the Arizona congressman proposed this idea -- passed out of its committee in the House.

Franks eventually took to Twitter -- where many people say things that should never be said out loud -- and shared this thought with the world:

So, how do you feel about that one? Is Franks trying to stop the "greatest genocide in world history," or is he just obsessed with abortion?

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