Hot Links: Napolitano Failed to Complete State Anti-Terrorist Plan; ASU Fined in Memorial Union Asbestos Mishandling; Chandler Preschool Worker Accused of Killing Kid

The proposed new chief of America's Homeland Security never completed an anti-terrorist plan in her own state -- maybe she just needs a bigger challenge. Asbestos fibers may have been released into ASU's Memorial Union, say officials who are fining the university big-time. It's safe to say that when you drop your kid off at preschool, you don't expect one of the workers there to murder your child -- but authorities allege that was the gruesome reality at one Chandler school. Excitement mounts over Arizona's football team, and the Arizona Republic recommends buying Cardinals tickets from scalpers. Wake up and smell the senior citizens: They packed a facility in Phoenix to protest potential cuts in municipal services they currently enjoy. Meanwhile, at Phoenix City Hall, they have a new double-dipping rule: You have to wait six months before you can retire, start collecting your pension, then get rehired to the exact same job. It's shootin' time! A renovated west Valley range reopens. Stormchasers can still find work, it seems, but bioscience dudes and dudettes are worried about their future in Arizona. Following up on yesterday's news about Wendy's new breakfast menus, here's news you can drink: Free coffee at Dunkin Donuts until February 3.

Repub: Scalpers may be only way to see Sunday Cardinals game