Best Jan Brewer Brain Fart?

Oops, Governor Jan Brewer has did it again -- she made speaking the English language look like rocket science during a TV appearance.

This time around, Brewer brain-farted twice in around five seconds, while making up the phrase "another . . . (pause) . . . notch in their . . . (pause) . . . belt bucket."

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Of course, the first loud and smelly brain fart from Brewer came in her election debate against Terry Goddard, when she apparently just plain forgot how words work.

There have also been several others, including -- but definitely not limited to -- her accidental endorsement of President Obama . . .

and her recent struggle to find a position on global warming, settling for saying that weather is caused by "different things."

Let's take the four examples above, and you decide: which is the best Jan Brewer brain fart?

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