Feathered Bastard

Doug Ducey's Flack Confirms Organized Crime Story

Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey's spokeswoman, Melissa DeLaney, declined to comment Tuesday when I contacted her regarding this week's cover story on Ducey's hailing from an infamous Toledo organized crime family.

But Wednesday, she gave a statement to the Arizona Republic's Laurie Roberts, and I'm glad she did, because she essentially confirmed the information in the article, written by myself and Lance Williams of The Center for Investigative Reporting.

Check it out:

In the United States of America and in the State of Arizona, people know you and judge you based on your life, the way you have lived it and your accomplishments, not on the actions of relatives from previous generations. The New Times correctly reported that the information about past family members does not touch Doug Ducey's life or career. This has been a tough campaign where both candidates have had their careers vetted, which is entirely appropriate when seeking a very high office. Doug trusts the voters of Arizona to make decisions based on the life he has led and his vision to create greater opportunities as the next governor.

Gee, Melissa, did it take you a whole day to write that?