Lil Wayne Sentenced to a Year in Joint; It's About Time

Rapper Lil Wayne, who has avoided his date with the hoosegow twice in as many months, is now in jail serving a sentence for gun charges in New York City.

Wayne, who pleaded guilty to the gun charges in October in exchange for a reduced, one-year jail sentence, has finally turned himself over to police to begin serving his time.

Wayne's trial had been delayed twice, once because of some emergency "grill" surgery the rapper had to have performed before going inside and again about a month later after someone started a fire in the basement of the courthouse, where his sentencing was to be held.

Wayne was met by scores of fans at his sentencing yesterday and opted not to speak to the court, although he had the option, the New York Post reports.

Wayne will be shackin' up in protective custody at New York's infamous Rikers Island. With good behavior, he could be released in eight months.

The next stop on Wayne's tour of American courthouses is right here in Arizona.

Wayne is set to stand trial later this month in Arizona for unrelated gun and drug charges.

In January 2008, Wayne's tour bus was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint near Yuma. When border agents searched it, they found a quarter-pound of marijuana, an ounce of cocaine, and 41 grams of Ecstasy.

They also found an unlicensed handgun.

The guy prosecuting Wayne in Arizona, Roger Nelson, says the case has been held up because his office won't reduce the charges against the rapper to misdemeanors -- which has made plea negotiations difficult.

Weezy's Yuma trial is scheduled to begin March 30.