Attention ASU President Michael Crow: Get a Load of This Picture of Vernon Parker

Attention Arizona State University President Michael Crow: You may have gotten a letter from Republican Congressional Candidate Vernon Parker, bashing his opponent Kyrsten Sinema for calling ASU a "party school."

Did Parker write that letter in his University of Southern California shirt?

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-Vernon Parker Tattles on Kyrsten Sinema to ASU President for "Party School" Reference

"My campaign has discovered a recording you need to see. In this appalling video, my opponent Kyrsten Sinema, is on record mocking students at ASU," Parker wrote in that letter to Crow. "She refers to your university as 'a party school' and suggests that your students are so stupid that they don't realize 'Wikipedia is not an appropriate citation source because they believe if they read it on the internet it must be true.'"

Parker did his undergraduate work at Cal State Long Beach -- according to Wikipedia -- so where is Parker's allegiance?

Don't worry, here's a photo of Parker getting some ASU students to make phone calls on his behalf -- like the kid in the Stanford shirt.

How many rivals to ASU's athletic and academic programs are helping out Parker's campaign?

Of course, this is about as ridiculous as Parker's letter to Crow.

Sinema actually went to A-State, both for her masters degree and law degree.

Sinema's also been an adjunct faculty member at ASU for some time now, and is even teaching a class in the current semester, according to the University's directory. Heck, she was even a guest speaker in a class with yours truly, once upon a time.

Thus, it's a little ridiculous to imply that Sinema detests ASU, and in Parker's defense, he does own at least one ASU shirt.

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