Snow Birds: They're Coming in Droves! Phoenix/ Scottsdale Ranks 11th in Travel Desinations For the Remainder of '09

As we sit on the cusp of kissing the daunting 110 degree days goodbye for eight glorious months, we can be certain of one thing: They're coming.

That's right; as the majority of the country prepares to freeze its ass off for the rest of the year, as Phoenicians we prepare for the annual migration of the snow birds, and from the looks of things, they're coming in droves this year.

According to the 2009 Travel Leaders Fall Travel Trends Survey, Phoenix, and Scottsdale rank 11th in domestic travel destinations for the rest of the year, and we don't even have an ocean!

Of the top ten destinations, six are traditional beach vacation spots like Orlando, or Maui, three are business hubs like Chicago, and New York, and the top spot: Our nefarious neighbors to the Northwest; Sin City itself, Las Vegas.

We've got one thing to say to those opting for a vacation full of gambling and hookers, as oppose to visiting us here in Arizona: What happens in Vegas, usually requires a visit to the doctor, penicillin, and or bail money.