Ben Quayle Not Letting Go of the Spying Accusations Against David Schweikert

You may have heard last month that Congressman Ben Quayle accused Congressman David Schweikert of sending a spy to Quayle's office, which the Quayle campaign has dubbed "Spygate."

Ahead of the Republicans' impending primary battle in Arizona's Sixth Congressional District, the Quayle camp says a suspicious volunteer came into the office in mid-May.

They noticed the volunteer's Mercedes-Benz car key, and when she left, they found out that the address she'd put down on the volunteer form went to an Islamic community center in Tempe.

Again, this is all according to Quayle's folks, but Quayle staffers then went over to Schweikert's campaign HQ, where they noticed not one, but two Mercedes vehicles in the parking lot.

As the Quayle campaign's story goes, the staffers walked inside and found the girl who tried to volunteer for Quayle sitting at the front desk of Schweikert's campaign office.

While the Quayle staffers were in there, they also claim to have found 18 Quayle campaign signs, which Quayle's campaign believes Schweikert's folks "stole."

Quayle insists this all happened, and Schweikert insists none of it happened.

But Quayle's campaign has been using it to sass Schweikert a bit since then.

After the Quayle campaign came out with the accusations, they sent an email to supporters leaving a name and number to contact to pick up some yard signs.

Or, there was another option.

"Or, if you're feeling brave enough, head over to David Schweikert's campaign office and ask for one of our signs," the email said. "They seem to be keeping plenty on hand."

Now the Quayle camp's at it again, this time on Twitter.

"Glad to see Holder appointed two prosecutors to get to the bottom of ‪#FastandFurious‬," Schweikert posted late last week. "It's taken way too long for him to come clean."

The problem with that statement, whoever posts for Quayle's campaign Twitter points out, is that the prosecutors were assigned to handle the recent intelligence leaks, not the botched gun-walking operation known as Fast and Furious.

"[H]ate 2 break it 2 u but the prosecutors r 4 intel leaks," the Quayle campaign Twitter says. "Send spy back over & we'll brief her 2 get u up 2 speed."

In English, "Hate to break it to you, but the prosecutors are for intel leaks. Send the spy back over and we'll brief her to get you up to speed."