Occupy Phoenix FAIL: 46 "Occupiers" Arrested. Fed Still Exists; Corporate Greed Rampant

The "Occupy Phoenix" protest against corporate greed, the Fed, the government, the banks, politicians, lobbyists, "the corporations" (etc., etc., etc.), has come to an end.

(Ahem) Shockingly, nothing's really changed -- the Fed still exists, lobbyists still are lobbying, and "the corporations" are still in the business of making money.

A few things changed for some of Phoenix's "99-percent-ers," though -- aside from spending a full day sweatin' it out in Cesar Chavez Plaza, 46 of them have been hit with misdemeanor trespassing charges after refusing to leave a public park after it closed.

See our take on the "Occupy Phoenix" demonstration here -- it rustled a few feathers amongst the 99-percent-ers, as is apparent in the comment section of the post.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, there were no "major incidents," injuries, or arrests during the demonstration at Cesar Chavez Plaza.

However, late in the afternoon, demonstrators left the Plaza and headed to nearby Hance Park because it's open later than Cesar Chavez Plaza.

When 10:30 p.m. rolled around -- the park's closing time -- some of the occupiers refused to leave after getting asked to do so by police.

In all, 46 occupiers refused to leave the park, and were subsequently hit with trespassing charges, a class-three misdemeanor.

In other words, corporate greed continues to plague the U.S. economy, and these "occupiers" now have to find a lawyer.

PPD Sergeant Trent Crump says, "Most of those arrested were passive in nature, and no injuries were reported to either officers or demonstrators."

Not exactly the "Arab Spring"-esque revolution to which the occupiers often compared their protest.

Nothing more to see here, folks.