Former Phoenix Homicide Dick Pleads Guilty to Kiddie Sex Charges

We got to know Mike Polk a little during our year hanging out with a Phoenix Police Department homicide squad for our "Murder City" series. Mike was in another squad up on the third floor at 620 West Washington, but he was an approachable, kind of goofy guy with a sense of humor that centered on all manner of sexual innuendo.

 Much to everyone's surprise last year, the feds busted Polk, the guilty-looking guy in the mug shot to the left, on a number of child-porn charges after they raided his residence in Surprise. 

There, they found a bunch of videos (at least 20) on thumb drives and his computer that showed adults, animals and what-have-you engaging in unimaginable and depraved acts against young children.

Now 51, Polk quickly retired from the PD.

He posted $25,000, and has remained out on bond as his defense attorney Jason Lamm sought to strike a plea bargain with prosecutors.


Polk pleaded guilty a few weeks ago to two charges of attempting to exploit a minor, a Class Three felony under Arizona law. He's looking at a prison sentence of five to 15 years when county Judge John Hannah sentences him in mid-June.

All in all, a pathetic and disgusting way to ruin one's life and, with it, deeply damage the lives of your wife and children.

We will be curious who will show up in court on the day of sentencing to speak on ex-Detective Polk's behalf, and what they will say.