Bruce Jacobs, KFYI Right-Wing Ranter, is Target of "Boycott"


The Phoenix Police Department couldn't shut up Bruce Jacobs, even after he said a dead cop would have been "ashamed" of his wife's immigration opinions.

Now a local, "semi-retired" substitute teacher wants to take up the charge to get Jacobs, a right-wing talk show host with KFYI (550 AM), off the air. Phillip Barnett has created a Web site called "" that encourages the public to call for Jacobs firing and discourage businesses from advertising on the show.

As our post from last August details, the cops have already tried to shame Jacobs sponsors, but he's still spitting into the mic most mornings.

Barnett's site takes umbrage at some of the things Jacobs has said about President Obama. Even worse: Jacobs recently insulted Phillips' son.

In an e-mail, Jacobs told Barnett's adopted son, "You're so stupid, no wonder your parents dumped you," according to Barnett.

We asked Barnett what spurred the comment.

Barnett says his son, incensed at Jacobs' diatribes against Obama, sent an e-mail to Jacobs "calling him an idiot."


UPDATE: Bruce Jacobs leaves KFYI as of June 9.