Escort Beats Valet Bloody With High-Heeled Shoe at Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Cops Say

An "upscale companion escort" beat a valet with her high-heeled shoe on Monday night at the Valley Ho in Scottsdale, leaving the man bloody and shaken, police said.

Just after 10 p.m., Jennifer Thomas, 26, exited the lobby of the hotel at 6850 East Main Street, rambling to herself and screaming at an old guy sitting on a bench for no apparent reason. She'd been hanging out at the bar for a while, and the staff figured she was "extremely" wasted on drugs or booze, a police report states.

She told a 27-year-old valet to call her a cab -- but when a yellow cab showed up 15 minutes later, she felt dissed.

"I'm not fucking getting into that," Thomas reportedly wailed. "Who do you think I am?"



The valet said he'd call a sedan. Thomas told him not to bother and made a call on her cell phone. Five minutes later, a silver Lincoln Town Car pulled up. Thomas opened the rear door of the car, then apparently realized she had unfinished business.

She took off her high-heeled shoes and marched over to the valet podium, where the young man who'd called the cab was standing. Without warning, she tried to lay a right hook on him, the shoe in hand. The guy ducked. She swung again, and this time the pointy heel of the shoe dug into the dude's scalp, causing him to bleed profusely all over his white polo shirt.

Thomas jumped into the Lincoln, yelling "Go, go!" The driver took off, but later denied to police that he had any idea Thomas had hit someone.

The valet declined medical treatment, but he agreed to help in the woman's prosecution.

After obtaining Thomas' name from the credit card she had used at the hotel bar, police traced her to an apartment complex at 4950 East Van Buren and arrested her about 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday.


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