Jacob Nelson Gets 4.5 Years in the Slammer for Hopping in Bed With a Random 14-Year-Old

Believe it or not, sneaking into a house and stripping down to your underwear to hop in bed with a random 14-year-old girl could lead to prison time.

Four-and-a-half years in prison, in Jacob Nelson's case.

In July, Phoenix police said that Nelson, 35, waited for a father of two to leave the house around 8 a.m. one morning, and crawled into the house, where the 14-year-old girl and her 11-year-old brother were sleeping.

Police said Nelson hopped into bed with the girl, wearing just his boxer-briefs, and told her to be quiet.

As you can imagine, a 14-year-old girl waking up next to some 35-year-old weirdo in his underwear did not stay quiet -- she screamed.

After the screaming, which woke up the girl's brother, who was also sleeping in the room, Nelson booked it.

Nelson -- whose rap sheet includes theft and drug possession, and other things -- left his pants and socks "neatly" arranged on a table in the backyard, while his shirt was found in the family's washing machine.

Nelson wasn't quite done creeping around, as police said he moved over to the neighbors house, where he stole a pair of shorts, size XL, and took off.

Police spotted him as the non-extra-large guy walking down the street with his extra-large shorts behind held on with a laundry pin.

The kiddos identified Nelson as the guy, and police booked him into jail on charges of attempted child molestation and burglary.

It's not clear exactly what Nelson was charged with by prosecutors, but records show he pleaded guilty to felony criminal trespassing in February as part of a plea agreement.

Along with his 4.5 years in prison, Nelson was also sentenced today to three years of probation after he gets out.

Ray Stern contributed to this post.