Terry Goddard Leads Dems in Hypothetical, Gabrielle Giffords-Less Senate Race, Poll Finds

Assuming Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords doesn't miraculously run for the Senate seat getting vacated by Senator Jon Kyl, former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard is the most popular among any other potential Democratic candidates, according to a recent poll conducted by left-leaning  Public Policy Polling.

What does this tell us? Arizona's got weak-ass Democrats. You may recall Goddard's lackluster gubernatorial campaign against then-accidental Governor Jan Brewer. It was awful, yet, he's still the party's greatest hope?

According to the poll, in a race without Giffords -- which will likely be the case -- Goddard is the clear favorite with 50 percent of the Democratic vote. Former Congressman Harry Mitchell is the only other potential candidate to even break double digits with 11 percent.

Next on the totem poll is Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon with 8 percent, one-time candidate for attorney general Felicia Rotellini with 6 percent, over-educated plagiarist Rodney Glassman and Congressman Ed Pastor at 5 percent, and U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke at 2 percent.

According to another poll conducted by PPP last week, Goddard would tie Congressman Jeff Flake -- the presumptive Republican nominee -- in a general election for the Senate seat.

Keep in mind that Flake is the only candidate from either party to declare his candidacy. In other words, there's no guarantee Goddard would even run. In that case, the field of potential Democratic candidates goes from unimpressive to embarrassing.

Check here for info on a similar poll about potential Republican candidates. If the list of possible Democratic candidates is embarrassing, the results of the Republican poll are terrifying.