Tunnel-Digging Kiddy-Porn Suspect Apparently Likes Cross-Dressing, Too

The story about the Glendale man who apparently dug a tunnel leading to a secret, underground room in his backyard just got even creepier.

The guy, 45-year-old William Willis, apparently is a cross-dresser with a porn addiction, too.

So, of course, we cued up the infamous Buffalo Bill dance scene from Silence of the Lambs (the extra-grainy, thus, extra-creepy version), which can be seen after the jump.

Willis was arrested on Tuesday after he and another man, 21-year-old Cory Houghton, were seen leaving the scene of a pharmacy burglary near 91st Avenue and Thunderbird.

During the interrogation, Willis told the cops that he had stolen property at his house, resulting in a search warrant for the property.

Considering Willis had a stash of kiddy-porn and a recently-dug tunnel leading to a secret, underground room in his backyard, directing police to his house was probably one of the dumber things he did that day.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the tunnel and the kiddy-porn was only a part of the creep-tastic stuff goin' on at the Willis residence.

When searching the house, cops also found what they're referring to as "cross-dressing clothing" -- which apparently was in plain view in an office in Willis' house.

Along with the RuPaul gear, sex toys, and pictures of kids having sex were littered throughout the office.

Willis' addiction to porn was putting a bit of a strain on his marriage, too, his son-in-law told police.

Police say the underground room apparently had not yet been used for any sort of perverse dance rehearsals illegal activity, but the question remains: what was this guy planning on doing with a secret, underground room in his backyard.

The obvious choice is sex dungeon, but use the comment section of this blog to give us your best guess.