Ben Quayle's Baby Doesn't Like Barack Obama Either (Sigh)

Well, right after we tell you about Congressman Ben Quayle not trash-talking President Obama for once, we opened an email from the Congressman's campaign about his first TV ad for this election cycle.

This advertisement features the whole Ben Quayle family, including wife Tiffany any baby Evie. (No, they're still not "rented.")

Turns out -- at least according to Mrs. Q -- that their baby probably doesn't like Obama, just like her old man.

"Evie was born last year and entered the world, as do all American children, with more than $50,000 in debt," the campaign writes. "Tiffany Quayle notes this fact in the spot before Ben asserts, while Evie smiles, that Barack Obama must be stopped at one term."

The youngster's apparently a chip of the old block, as the Congressman raised some eyebrows when he declared "Barack Obama is the worst president in history" during his 2010 campaign.

Pretty much every time Obama does something that makes national headlines, there's a statement from Quayle about how awful it was.

That said, you can find Quayle's anti-Obama baby below: