April 26 In Blogs: SB 1070, Royal Wedding, Odd Future, Matthew Moore, and the MCSO

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Today's entries:

Feathered Bastard: Jan Brewer's Senate Bill 1070 Nightmare: One Year Later

Jackalope Ranch: Royal Wedding Fever: A Wedding Dress, Restyled

Jane's Walk Explores Historic Neighborhoods in Phoenix and Mesa

Up on the Sun: Did Odd Future Just Get Signed? They're Tweeting About SOMETHING Big (UPDATE: Pitchfork Says They Did)

Maroon 5 Still on Sound Strike, Publicist Says Phoenix Show Announcement was a "Mistake"

Chow Bella: Matthew Moore's New Project Documents Farm-to-Table Process

Lakhana In's Lok Lak Beef

Valley Fever: Colorado House Spikes Legislation Charging Undocumented Students In-State Tuition

Federal Judge to Maricopa County Sheriff's Office: DWB (Driving While Brown) Isn't Actually a Crime