Mexican National Convicted of Cocaine Smuggling Sentenced to Seven Years in Federal Prison

A Mexican national will be calling America home for a little while longer after being sentenced in a Phoenix federal court to some lengthy prison time for smuggling cocaine into Arizona.

David Efrain Flores-Castro, 33, was sentenced to seven years in federal prison today for his role in a 2008 smuggling attempt.

Flores-Castro got pinched by border patrol agents at the Nogales port of entry on August 26, 2008 after a routine inspection of his truck turned up a substantial stash of drugs.

While inspecting the truck, agents noticed there was a false bottom in the bed of the vehicle  When they opened it up, jack-pot -- they found more than a $1 million worth of cocaine.

Agents found about 57 kilos of the white stuff, which is more than enough to charge Flores-Castro with possession with the intent to distribute.

A grand jury indicted Flores-Castro about a month after he was captured, and he pleaded guilty to the charges in May of last year.

Flores-Castro won't have time to enjoy any of
the sites the United States has to offer, though. Federal prosecutors say, when he is released from federal prison, he will immediately get the boot back to Mexico.