Rachel Alexander Criticizes John McCain for Honoring War Hero Killed in Afghanistan; Claims 20-Year-Old Soldier Died Because of "Immigration Crime"

"McCain gives fake-sounding closing mourning 4 someone who died due to illegal immigration crime. Insincere due to his amnesty bill," Alexander "tweeted" following the debate.

That "someone" who Alexander says died because of "illegal immigration crime" was 20-year-old Christopher Moon, a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. He was killed last Tuesday in Afghanistan after being wounded by an IED.

You can see McCain's closing statements about 52 minutes into this video.

Moon was a standout baseball player recruited by the University of Arizona. He gave up the scholarship to join the military.

We contacted the Hayworth campaign to try to figure out if Alexander knows something we don't -- hey, she may think Mexicans are sneaking into Afghanistan now. Unfortunately, nobody's gotten back to us.