Governor Brewer Unveils Budget Proposals; Wants Tax Increase and $600M More in Cuts

Governor Jan Brewer released her budget proposal today for fiscal year 2010 -- as expected, she formalizes her opinion that a tax increase is needed.

"Unfortunately, after considering every option, and after performing a painstaking assessment of our real economic situation, a temporary tax increase is necessary to bridge the gap between fiscal crisis and recovery," Brewer says in a prepared statement.

Brewer may be right -- but the bigger question for her own future is how much opposition from conservatives she'll face when she runs to hold on to her seat in 2010. 

For Arizonans, it seems the main challenge is to keep from becoming another California.

6-01-09 Governor Brewers FY10 Budget 6-01-09 Governor Brewers FY10 Budget ray stern