Police Say Mark Norris' Domestic-Violence Episode Ended With Him "Wildly" Swinging a Baby Around in a Parking Lot

For one Phoenix man, there's apparently only one thing left to do after allegedly going on a domestic-violence spree for a few hours -- "wildly" swing a baby around in front of a group of people in a parking lot.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the wife of 46-year-old Mark Norris had locked her son, baby and herself in a room at her apartment after getting into an altercation with Norris earlier in the night.

Norris, 46, didn't take too kindly to being locked out of the room, so police say he busted in the room and came a-swingin' at his wife -- while she was holding the baby in her arms.

After clocking her in the face a few times -- while still holding the baby -- Norris' wife fell, and Norris took off.

The woman locked all the doors, but police say Norris crawled through the window and came after her again -- she put the baby down at this point -- and the woman ran to a neighbor.

After waiting for two hours, the neighbor walked the woman back to her apartment, as they assumed Norris had fallen asleep.

False. The neighbor heard a noise from the parking lot, and saw Norris out there.

Norris was "wildly" swinging a baby bouncer around -- with the friggin' baby inside of it, according to the documents.

Norris' stepson told police the same story as his mother and witnesses, except added that Norris threatened to kill him if he went outside to his mother.

When police showed up, they asked Norris about the night's events. Norris told police there was a verbal argument, and that's it. He simply couldn't explain why witnesses told police about all the alleged wife-beating, stepson-threatening, baby-swinging stuff.

Court documents state Norris has a prior criminal history, and there was also a domestic-violence incident with his wife more than a year ago.

Norris was booked into jail on charges of aggravated assault, child abuse, criminal damage, and threatening or intimidating. His bond was set at $5,600.