Jan Brewer Makes it Official: Arizona Would Prefer You Not Be Gay if You Want to Adopt a Kid

It's official: the state of Arizona would "prefer" you not be a gay if you want to adopt a kid.

Governor Jan Brewer today signed a bill into law that makes it as difficult as humanly possible for gay people to adopt children in Arizona.

The new law doesn't necessarily say homosexuals can't adopt kids -- but it states that Arizona would prefer that married couples be given higher consideration for adoptions than non-married people, if all other factors are equal.

In other words, since homosexuals aren't allowed to tie the knot in Arizona -- yet -- they would lose out to heterosexual married couples every time.

"Arizona desperately needed Governor Brewer to demonstrate real leadership today. Instead, we were given another bad law enacted out of political allegiance rather than what's best for Arizona and Arizona's children," Equality Arizona Chairman Tom Mann says. "Experienced child health and social service authorities, not politicians, should make adoption decisions."

The law is another attempt to allow the state to play morality cop, with the implication that it's somehow better to be married than single, or worse yet, a homosexual.

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