When Will Marijuana Be Legalized in Arizona?

The group that was behind Arizona's medical-marijuana law plans to push a marijuana-legalization initiative in Arizona in 2016.

The national Marijuana Policy Project actually hopes that Arizona is one of 10 states where it can help pass marijuana-legalization laws, such as the one in Colorado, by 2017.

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The marijuana-legalization only seems to be moving forward. Although there are major pot foes here in Arizona, local polls seem to show support for the idea of legalization, and Senator John McCain said he respects the will of the people in that regard.

Even with the MPP planning to get involved for a 2016 ballot initiative, there's already a local group called Safer Arizona trying to gather signatures to get the issues on 2014 ballots.

Here's our question this morning: When do you think marijuana will be legalized with a Colorado-style law in Arizona?

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