Thomas O'Rourke Allegedly Slaughtered His Girlfriend's Cat and Threw It at Her, Which Came After Shooting Her Kid With a BB Gun

By most standards, Thomas O'Rourke got a bit rowdy this weekend.

After consuming some alcoholic beverages at his Phoenix home Sunday evening, a kid ended up getting shot with a BB gun, a cat was killed, and that dead cat was thrown at a moving vehicle.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, police believe O'Rourke's responsible for all of it.

First, O'Rourke was dicking around with the rifle-style BB gun in the garage when he fired a shot at his girlfriend's 7-year-old kid, according to court documents.

The shot bounced off the ground and hit the kiddo in the ankle, but he didn't need any medical attention for that one.

Then, still going around the house with the BB gun, O'Rourke found his girlfriend's cat, and shot it multiple times, until it died.

At one point, O'Rourke's girlfriend decided it'd probably be best to take the youngsters and get the hell out of there, which she did.

As she drove away, though, O'Rourke chucked the cat at her and the kids, and shouted, "I shot your damn cat," according to the documents.

While he was left alone at the house for a bit, O'Rourke threw some fists into the kitchen cabinets, as well as some framed family photos.

Before police arrived, he also went back to the cat-shooting room to tip over a dresser and shatter a mirror.

According to the court documents, O'Rourke was also involved in a domestic-violence incident about a year ago with criminal damage being involved in that case as well.

O'Rourke was jailed on charges of animal abuse, aggravated assault, and criminal damage.