James Arthur Ray is Out of the Joint and "Tweetin'" Up a Storm

"Spiritual Warrior" James Arthur Ray was released from a Yavapai County Jail on Friday and has taken to his Twitter page to offer his followers some insight into Buddha, Jesus, "the darkness," and the laws of the universe. 

At this point, he should probably be more interested in the laws of Arizona, but who are we to judge?

If you look at the time-stamps on Ray's posts, which you can check out here, you see a month-long gap from when he was he was locked up and arguing for his bail to be reduced
to the latest tweets.

When Ray was released, Judge Warren Darrow took his passport and told him not to participate in any sort of sweat-lodge ceremonies, or anything else that could be considered dangerous. "Tweeting" apparently isn't on that list because Ray's updated his Twitter page eight time since being released.

Below are a few of Ray's post-clink nuggets of wisdom.

-"Many misunderstand 'If you know the laws of the universe you'll never have challenges, difficulties, upsets' yet no tradition teaches this."

-"If you can't embrace the dark you'll never dance in the light."

-"Buddhism 4 Nobel Truths: Dukkha (loosely translated as Suffering) exists, suffering arises, suffering ceases, there's a way beyond suffering."

-"The answer to move beyond suffering is to make a distinction between "cause" and "condition." Ultimate First Cause is beyond conditions."

Sounds like a load of cosmic BS.

Ray will be in court again later this month. If convicted, the self-help guru could get 12 1/2 years in prison for each of the three manslaughter charges against him.