Taylor Thornberry Has Three Types of Kiddie-Porn: "Good," "Better," and "the Best"

Say what you will about 25-year-old Taylor Thornberry and his extensive collection of kiddie-porn, but at least he's organized -- his tens-of-thousands of images and videos of (ahem) child erotica are organized into three categories: "good," "better," and "the best."

How do we know this? Well, he was arrested Tuesday after deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office discovered that he was sharing his kiddie-porn collection with other perverts over the Internet.

According to court records obtained by New Times, deputies were able to track the IP address of a computer that had been sharing and downloading kiddie-porn to Thornberry's parents' Chandler home.

Deputies served a search warrant at the Thornberry's house, only to discover Taylor no longer lived there -- he'd moved out about a week earlier.

However, Thornberry's father told deputies that his son was caught watching kiddie-porn 12 years ago -- when he was only 13. He also gave the cops Thornberry's new address -- a home also in Chandler that he shares with his brother.

Deputies served a search warrant at Thornberry's new address -- and that's where they hit the mother lode -- detectives found tens-of-thousands of photos and videos of kids having sex stored on Thornberry's computer, and organized into the aforementioned categories.

After Thornberry was Mirandized, he admitted to deputies that he downloaded and shared kiddie-porn over the Internet while living at his parents' house. He also told them they could find an additional stash of smut on an external hard-drive -- those photos and videos were categorized as "Russian," "Asian," and "American."

Much of the porn depicted boys between the ages of 15 and 18 having sex. Some of the porn includes boys as young as eight years old.

Thornberry was booked on 13 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.