Best Reader Caption For Joe Arpaio Shaking A Carrot at Things?

Last week, we asked readers to write the caption for the above photo of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio shaking a carrot at things.

The photo comes from a Fox 10 segment that was based around a horse eating a carrot out of Arpaio's hand in the middle of an interview, and the rest of the video footage consisted mostly of the sheriff wagging the carrot around.

After sifting through all the responses -- as usual, some of them more politically correct than others -- we've narrowed it down to five finalists.

Only one person will win the pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building, along with a firm handshake and/or high-five, and deciding that winner is up to you.

Here are the finalists:

A) shadeaux14:

"Joe demonstrates the latest MCSO technology for capturing the hoards of illegal wabbits invading our state."

B) AnusTheMenace:

"With the election coming up, I thought I'd go ahead and dangle this... "

C) scobob:

"Can you find the two horse's asses in this picture"

D) The Mad Dog:

"Oh the carrot - it's a 7" Cut"

E) Danzigsdaddy:

"Carrots improve you[r] vision, maybe if i eat enough, i can start looking into all those sex crimes i overlooked"

Cast your vote below: