David Ybarra Finds Out the Hard Way That Throwing Chunks of Concrete at Cops Is Frowned Upon

David Ybarra found out yesterday that throwing chunks of concrete at Gilbert police officers is an awful idea.

Ybarra, 36, was shot by two officers yesterday after he tossed concrete their way and a responding Taser blast didn't work.

Gilbert police Sergeant Bill Balafas tells New Times that Ybarra's family phoned up the cops because they were concerned for his welfare, as he left their house upset, aggressive, and carrying rocks.

Officers found Ybarra and his rocks in a field (not even close to the strangest thing found in a Gilbert field), and he began getting "irate" and aggressive with police.

Ybarra hurled the first chunk at one of the officers, who actually had to dodge Ybarra's strike.

Balafas says he doesn't have the exact dimension of these concrete chunks on hand, but they weren't the two-handed variety -- one was about the size of a large softball.

One officer pulled his Taser and attempted to give Ybarra a blast, but it wasn't effective in taking Ybarra down. It's possible Ybarra wasn't hit with both probes from the Taser, Balafas says, but it won't be known until the investigation's complete.

After that didn't work, police say Ybarra picked up another concrete chunk, preparing for another toss -- until he was shot by both responding officers.

While the officers were waiting for medical assistance, police say Ybarra was still trying to fight the officers who were giving him first aid for the bullet wounds.

Balafas says Ybarra's at the hospital with serious injuries, but as of last night, it didn't appear to be life-threatening.

Balafas says some witnesses told police Ybarra was acting very strange, like he was "on something," but that hasn't been confirmed.

Ybarra's a repeat customer to the Gilbert police, as Balafas says he's been linked to an assortment of crimes around town, including burglary. Ybarra's currently on parole, and there was a parole warrant for his arrest before yesterday's incident.

When Ybarra's released from the hospital, he'll be booked into jail on two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer.