Andrew Thomas Concedes in AG's Race -- Finally

It's been fairly clear the past few days that former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas was gonna lose the Republican primary for state attorney general to Tom Horne. But he refused to concede.

Can't blame the guy for not throwin' in the towel -- it was a close race. But today he made it official and conceded to Horne.

In a statement, Thomas says it's apparent that Horne won the race with what the Associated Press is now saying is an 887-vote lead. About 900 votes remain to be counted.

Thomas bowed out relatively gracefully, pledging to support Horne in the general election. 

It should be noted that Thomas' ringing endorsement of Horne comes after he spent months attacking the guy (sometimes via Sheriff Joe Arpaio) in one of this year's nastier political primaries.

Horne will now face Democratic candidate Felecia Rotellini in the general election.

As for Thomas' stint with public life: don't let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out, pal; Andrew Thomas is done-zo -- for now, anyway.

Thomas said last week that he was preparing to jump back into private life by representing faith-based organizations as their attorney (assuming he's still allowed to practice law, of course).

New Times had some other ideas as to what the former county attorney could do with all his new-found free time. Check it out here.

And, to bid Thomas a final adieu, enjoy one of our favorite moments in mustache history: