Bitches of Scottsdale Web Site -- Cool Name, But Local Dog Networking Site Not Taking Off

Naturally, when we first heard of a Web site called Bitches of Scottsdale, we assumed it would be an all-local version of the But it's about real bitches, as in the woof-woof kind.

Launched in April, the site aims to showcase Scottsdale's pampered pooches by having their owners upload photos and blog posts. But as you can see, the site's not yet ready for prime time.

The site skimps on artwork and only has a couple of "subscribers" who are probably friends or family of the site's creator. "Who is" info on shows the domain name was purchased in January by Eric Almassy, who has a slightly more fleshed-out Web site called Best of Greater Phoenix. Animal social-networking sites can be popular -- witness President Obama's dog blog.

Maybe the next time Obama visits the Valley, he can hook Bo up with one of Scottsdale's finest bitches.