Alleged Pill Addict (Apparently Suffering From "Bieber Fever") Arrested in Un-Elaborate Forgery Scheme

It seems 19-year-old James Keehn's remedy for his apparent "Bieber Fever" is oxycodone -- authorities say he tried to get a fake prescription for the drug filled at a Mesa Target in December, but the pharmacist immediately recognized the script as bogus.

Keehn left the store, but was identified in early February by the pharmacist.

Cops went to Keehn's Gilbert house on Thursday, whereupon his mother introduced the police to her son's weed stash.

Keehn turned himself in to police Thursday afternoon, and admitted to presenting the forged prescription for the pills.

He told police he's addicted to prescription drugs, and that his friend drew up the prescription, promising 1/4 of the money from selling the oxycodone if Keehn turned it in to the pharmacy.

Apparently that didn't turn out too well, as the forged prescription landed him in jail.

Keehn faces felony charges of forgery, using a false prescription for a controlled substance, marijuana possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia.