Paul Chapa's Accused of Licking a Young Girl's Butt Crack and Way More, Says He "Does a Lot of Stupid S**t" When He's Drunk

Paul Chapa says he "does a lot of stupid shit when he is drunk."

According to what police say he did to a girl beginning when she was 3 or 4 years old, that's an understatement.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Chapa, a 49-year-old truck driver, is accused of doing a ton of nasty stuff to this little girl, going back to 2002.

Police only found out about this after someone intercepted a note the girl passed to a friend in school mentioning being abused by Chapa, which was forwarded to the school psychologist.

Luckily, the girl had the courage to tell the school psychologist what happened, and the psychologist ended up getting the authorities involved.

We'll spare you the more disgusting details, but court documents say the girl described Chapa licking her vagina and butt crack, touching her genitals, making her touch his, taking nude photos of her, and more.

Based on the various residences the girl lived in around Maricopa County, the court documents state the abuses began when the girl was just 3, possibly 4.

According to the documents, a controlled call was made between the girl's mother and Chapa, in which he admitted molesting the girl "several times" when he was drunk.

Chapa went on to explain a few occurrences in the phone call, at one point saying he "does a lot of stupid shit when he is drunk," the documents state.

Chapa said he "didn't do anything to harm" the girl, but then explained a few more molestations and said he was sorry, according to the documents.

Despite describing several incidents in the phone conversation, Chapa claimed he "did not remember doing it," the docs say.

Police picked up Chapa at his Avondale home yesterday and brought him in for an interview.

Among the excuses Chapa had for police, according to the documents, were that the girl had vaginal pain he needed to check out (which he claimed he did on multiple occasions), he wanted to teach the girl about "what boys want from girls," he was drunk during all of it, and it only happened two or three times.

Chapa was jailed on 16 felony charges related to molesting the girl.