Senator Kelli Ward Hosting Forum "To Address Community Concerns About Chemtrails"

Republican Senator Kelli Ward of Lake Havasu City has organized a forum in her district to address concerns about "chemtrails."

"Chemtrails" are them white trails left behind by them there aero-planes up in the sky, used by the gubmint to poison us common folk, conspiracy theorists say.

The trails of condensation formed behind planes, actually named "contrails," are harmless streams of vapor, and actually aren't part of a CIA mind-control experiment or whatever the conspiracy theorists believe they do.

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(Our colleague Ray Stern wrote a pretty good explanation of what he calls a "strong competitor for the dumbest conspiracy theory ever" in this 2008 blog post, in which he spent some time arguing with someone who must have inhaled way too many chemtrails.)

Ward, a tea party-type, often takes up some fringe issues at the Legislature, like nullification of federal gun laws, or attempts to kick the NSA out of Arizona. In this case, she seems to be entertaining the fringe, but it doesn't appear that she actually buys into it. Here's the post she made to Facebook about the forum:

You kind of have to pity those Arizona Department of Environmental Quality employees chosen to be assailed by the chemtrail-poisoned citizens of Lake Havasu City.

As you can see in Ward's post, this event on Wednesday will be streamed online, so get your popcorn and gas-mask ready.

According to a local paper in Lake Havasu, Ward said she's hosting the forum because "some of her constituents have questioned a connection between the chemtrails and a heightened level of certain minerals in their blood."

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