Penile Hubris and Meth to Blame For Alleged Tempe Kid-Lurer Joseph Larosa's Sexual Advances Towards Children?

Joseph Jamie Larosa is apparently so impressed with his "big cock" that he's spent that past several months cruising around Tempe offering to show it to children, which is what led to his arrest last week.

Larosa, it turns out, not only has a thing for little kids, but crystal meth, too.

Larosa was arrested at his home Friday after the Tempe Police Department released a composite sketch of a man who's been trying to lure kids into his car in several separate alleged incidents over the past seven months.

According to court records obtained by New Times, there have been five similar incidents of attempted child luring since March, the latest of which happened last week, when two girls -- ages 11 and 13 -- were walking to Kyrene Middle School about 8:40 Friday morning when they were approached by a man (believed to be Larosa) in a silver 4-door Toyota Rav4.

The driver tried yelling to the girls, but they were listening to music and couldn't make out what he was saying. When the girls got to the school, they told the Tempe police school resource officer.

In other instances, the victims did hear what Larosa was saying -- for example, during a March 24, incident, Larosa allegedly approached two 13-year-old girls and asked "want to watch me play with my penis?"

In another incident, less than 10 minutes after asking the two girls if they wanted to watch him play with himself, police say Larosa approached two other girls -- ages 13 and 14 -- and asked "hey, girls, you want to suck my cock?"

At the time, Larosa was groping his penis.

Two of the girls identified Larosa in a photo lineup as the man who tried to lure them into his car.

Following his arrest, Larosa admitted to trying to lure the girls into his car. He told police he may have asked the girls something along the lines of "would you like to see a big cock?" He told police the incidents occurred while he was high on meth, and court records indicate that he's an addict.

For now, Larosa's only been charged with the incidents that happened in March. He hasn't been charged with three other more-recent incidents -- yet, anyway.

In all, Larosa's been booked on two counts each of trying to lure a minor for sexual exploitation and two counts of public sexual indecency.

His next court appearance is scheduled for September 16.