Joe Biden: Janet Napolitano Should Be on the Supreme Court

Vice President Joe Biden thinks former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano should be on the Supreme Court of the United States.

If Biden actually believes that, then it looks like he might not have too much sway over his boss, who has nominated two justices to the Supreme Court, neither of them named Janet Napolitano.

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It was always rumored that Napolitano was on Obama's short list, but that obviously didn't work out so well for Napoltiano.

Biden's announcement came during a 10-minute-or-so gushing farewell speech for Napolitano, who's resigning from her post as Homeland Security Secretary, a position she took after resigning her post as Arizona's governor.

"I think Janet should be on the Supreme Court of the United States," Biden just kind of blurted out during his speech.

You can catch the whole sappy thing on C-SPAN, starting around the 9:45 mark.

Napolitano, who's moving on to a job as the president of the University of California system, might still have a chance some day, since just less than half of the nine Supreme Court justices are older than dirt (75). Two of those guys were appointed by Ronald Reagan -- you know, the guy who hasn't been president for almost 25 years now?

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