Admitted Arsonist Gary Noel's Relationship Playing Out on Local TV Station

The love story of Gary Noel -- the man who has admitted to lighting his wife's house on fire this weekend but claims, "The bitch deserved it," as he killed his estranged wife's cat in the process -- is currently playing out on local television.

3TV is really, really following the story of Noel, who explained that he lit up his estranged wife's house because she left him for a woman, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

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3TV was at the Anthem house as Noel was being arrested, and the report on Noel's arrest filed with the county court describes Noel telling the TV station that his wife "deserved it."

The station's cameras also were there as Noel was being booked into the jail. Noel explained that he was mad that his wife left him for a woman.

Just to be clear, Noel also made a more thorough confession to 3TV from jail on Monday.

"I broke in and tried to burn it down," Noel said, as you can see in the next video. "She left me with nothing, so I wanted to leave her with nothing."

Noel then began to describe his relationship problems with his wife, which was just the beginning.

3TV then caught up with the wife(!), who claimed that she left Noel after he "laid a hand on [her]," not because of an affair.

"Gary Noel is going to the hot place," according to his estranged wife.

We'll let you know when 3TV posts another episode, or when this stuff gets uploaded to Netfilx.