Eliot Spitzer Urged by Aides to Attend Arizona Sex-Rehab Clinic, New Book Claims

Arizona, a state known for its serene canyons and sprawling desert, is now becoming more synonymous with treatment for sex addiction.

In a new book chronicling the downfall of former New York Governor (and the only guy to make the number nine more famous than Gordie Howe) Eliot Spitzer, an aide claims he urged the hooker-friendly guv not to resign but rather to attend a rehab clinic here in Arizona.

We just would have urged him to stop banging hookers, but what do we know?

The book, Journal of the Plague Year, written by long-time Spitzer friend and political aide Lloyd Constantine and reviewed by the New York Times, details the days and months leading up to Spitzer's resignation.

Constantine claims that he found Spitzer in tears the day before news of the prostitution scandal broke and that he advised Spitzer to go to a month-long sexual rehab center in Arizona -- likely Wickenburg's The Meadows -- rather than resign.

The Meadows hosted David Duchovny and Halle Barry's former husband, Eric Benet, as they tried to kick their addictions to sex.

It was even rumored during the early months of the Tiger Woods sex scandal that Woods would be attending the Wickenburg treatment center.

Spitzer never came to Arizona to treat his "addiction," Constantine claims, because he was in a rush to resign. Constantine says Spitzer declined any treatment.

Constantine also makes an interesting suggestion as to why Spitzer became so hooked on hookers.

He suggests that a lack of playing tennis is what drove the governor into bed with droves of prostitutes -- socks and all.

Spitzer and Constantine had a weekly tennis game until 2006, when Spitzer canceled the match because he didn't want to hurt a hamstring and be limping on the campaign trail.

Constantine says a lack of tennis "deprived Eliot of an important physical release."

In other words, Constantine feels tennis was replaced by a slew of high-priced hookers.

The book is scheduled to be released to the public on Tuesday.