Arizona House Panel Okays Bill Relaxing Sunday-Morning Booze Rules

If you've ever found yourself in the nightmare scenario of not being able to drink yourself into a stupor before 10 a.m. on a Sunday, you may be in luck. A state House panel just approved a bill that would allow booze-hounds to get their fix a little earlier on Sundays.

As it stands right now, if you want alcohol on a Sunday in Arizona, you have to wait until 10 a.m.

Sounds reasonable, but for some of state Representative Matt Heinz's Tucson constituents, they want to get the party rollin' a little earlier.

Heinz sponsored HB 2552, in response to some constituent complaints that they weren't able to purchase alcohol in the morning for a party they were throwing later in the day.

It should be noted that much of Heinz's district covers areas of Tucson with a high population of University of Arizona students. Our only question is whether these "constituents" were wearing togas when they brought their alcoholic plight to the representative's attention

Either way. In response to the complaints, Heinz is sponsoring the booze-friendly bill. The legislation calls for the Sunday sales time to be rolled back to the same time it is on any other day of the week -- 6 a.m.

Representative Rich Crandall opposes the bill, telling Capitol Media Services that alcohol is the cause of several of the problems facing Arizona, including drunk-driving and domestic violence.

Look at it this way, Mr. Crandall: people in dire need of alcohol at 6 a.m. on a Sunday are often times already drunk. Stop bein' such a buzz-kill.