Marine Accused of Starring in Secretly Recorded Homemade Porn Video With 15-Year-Old

Marine Donald Linville's career as a pornographer has not been very successful.

Phoenix police arrested him and seized his computers in October after discovering that he'd broken into a woman's apartment and set up a hidden camera. Now, Phoenix police say found not only child pornography on the computer, but secretly recorded videos of Linville, 23, having sex with women and, in at least one case, an underage girl.

According to information provided by Phoenix PD, Linville was arrested on October 31 after a woman who lived around 48th Street and Warner Road found the camera recording the interior of her apartment from her second-story balcony.

Linville was identified because he shot video footage of his "distinctive" shoes while setting up the camera at the woman's apartment, police say.

Not only did the woman recognize the guy's shoes, but other people said they had seen Linville inside the woman's apartment, according to the cops.

Linville, who lived in that apartment complex, admitted to some involvement, according to police, and his computers were seized after his arrest.

Linville eventually was released from jail with electronic monitoring, and earlier this week, detectives finished the analysis of Linville's computers.

In court documents obtained by New Times, a detective describes some graphic pornographic videos. The detective estimates a girl in one video to be under 12 years old -- another girl was under 10.

In addition, detectives actually found videos that starred Linville himself having sex with females.

The first problem for Linville was that "detectives did not believe the females were aware of the recordings," according to Phoenix police Sergeant Trent Crump.

The second problem for Linville was that after detectives identified three of the females in the six videos starring Linville, they all confirmed they didn't know they were being recorded, according to police.

Linville's problems continue, as police say one of those three females was 15 years old, and detectives believe at least one of the three unidentified girls also was a minor at the time.

According to the court documents, Linville said he was the only person who used his computers but asked for an attorney after police confronted him about the child porn.

Linville, who's listed in court documents as an active-duty Marine who's served for the past five years, faces 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, and two counts of surreptitious recording, all felonies.